“Exercise is amazing, from the inside out. I feel so alive and have more energy.”   

Vanessa Hudgens


Back in the day, I viewed exercise as a chore on my to-do list. I didn’t know about the “fun facts”  I worked too much and slept too little. I had no margin in my life for extra “fun” Exercise certainly didn’t make the cut!  

Absent from my mindset was this fact:

Exercise can be fun, motivating, inspiring stress releasing – all of the above. I didn’t have this vantage point and stayed in “exercise is a chore and too much work mode.”

I didn’t feel I needed to exercise because I always received compliments that I looked like a runner due to my body type. I could not even run down the street and back without coughing up a lung and break a sweat due to being so out of shape: in all areas – cardo, muscle, and tone.

A light bulb reality moment took place as a college student knocking me squarely back in reality.

In a forced College Wellness class I was required to know my body type which included being hydrostatically weighed. The results were astounding, but not in a good way.   I didn’t know back then what BMI was. I found out that day. The number was not in my favor. You see… as a result of never doing anything my BMI was a whopping 28%.  my body weight was 120.  Not good and not healthy. I was advised to get moving immediately.

That day marked my foray into trying different fitness classes and even included using walking as a means of exercising!

I discovered that walking was enjoyable and fun and to this day I enjoy a daily walk and lots of hiking.

Fast forward years later… I ‘ve found the fun in exercise!

This didn’t happen overnight but it did happen through intentional effort and being interested to try new classes and types of exercise.  Today my happy places are walking/hiking and yoga classes both in the studio and home!  I’ve learned from my own journey and in the fitness community that without the fun factor exercise won’t make it into your life as part of who you are.

How do you find and claim your fun!  Start small: one class and one type of exercise at a time.

Be curious and interested in finding something that appeals to you and makes you want to go back a second, third to become a regular!

Here is a motivating and true story!

My two friends Angela and Anna were sedentary, overweight and extremely busy moms running their households while working outside the home.  The exercise was the last thing they wanted to do with any downtime!  I came to know them as first-time class takers in classes I lead our local gym.  They showed up to see if exercise was even something they could being unsure and uncertain if this was even possible.

I’m happy to share that from this uncertain and unknown path both ladies found their fun. Angela through bodybuilding and kickboxing. She is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor motivating many. Anna is a 7x a week workout winner. She found her fun, her community, and place as a  group fitness cardio dance class taker.  She shares her story with love on social media daily.

The common ground here…. Fun!

I think as whole… we miss out on taking care of our physical bodies more often than not because of the fun piece. We need to feed our soul and spirit with joy while feeding our bodies with exercise.

Both physical and emotional need to be in sync or the doing of exercise just won’t get done without this element!


5 exercise fun facts:


1.Bring on the tunes. Create your playlist and get carried away and through your workout. Music makes exercise fun, motivational and time goes by faster!

2.Exercise is more than physical exertion and a sweat fest. Its a solo and social connector that goes beyond the physical into positive emotional vibes felt long after the workout has ended.

3. Exercise is linked to better Sex!  When you get moving your body releases some feel-good hormones that lift your mood and as you get into your workout you not only feel better but become more toned and fit!

4. Exercise is “anti-aging” When you sweat and get your glow on consistently through life, your body reaps the rewards with stronger bones, muscles, and energy to do more!. My fitness friend Janeth at age 84 takes 2 of my classes back to back. I asked her what her “secret” is. She told me – “I have always been consistently active as a runner, and class taker.  This is my daily dose of fun!”

5. Eat up!  ( don’t go crazy…)  Exercise burns calories and fat while … increasing muscle which… in turn, burns more calories than a pound of fat!  Bonus!  Even when your workout is complete your body will continue to burn calories.

You’ve got this! I hope this gets you thinking and moving.  Please leave a comment about your fun go to exercise and why this is yours!


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