Hi! I'm Nancy

I’m a Life coach who works with women who want to own their unique authentic identity while making self-care a priority instead of an afterthought.

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What My Wonderful Clients Say

  • This was my first time working with a life coach and Nancy showed up not only professional but deeply caring, intuitive and with such a strong and kind presence. Her commitment to the coaching process allowed me ample room for learning and taking some action steps towards my coaching goals. Our work was at times difficult for me as things came up! It was here that my way of doing life changed for the better! She held kind space for me during our entire three month coaching process! Nancy really gets it and listens well.

    Adam E.
  • Nancy helped me uncover some less than glowing self image issues that were in my blindspot. In the past I would excitedly start a new diet or exercise program or other life project only to quit. We worked together on creating new life supporting habits and thinking patterns centered on who I am today and what I need. Today I live more deeply connected to my body,mind and spirit and what it means to enjoy my life and just be me...separate from my roles and titles connected to my career, family and daily to dos!

    Meghan S.
  • While working with Nancy I’ve gained so much greater self confidence and motivation. Before our coaching I felt stuck. I was not confident in my ability to lose weight and struggled with believing in myself. My biggest takeaway from working with Nancy is that it’s not just about losing weight and creating weight loss and consistency. This goes beyond to self-discovery,vulnerability and releasing old habits that kept me stagnating. I encourage you to work with Nancy if you desire to make a lifestyle change that goes beyond what you initially want to positively impact all of your life! My time with Nancy very productive and I feel better after each session with her!

    Blake O.
  • Before working with Nancy I was hitting some pretty low points in all areas of life. Physically I was overweight with joint pain and stiffness along with low energy and stamina. Emotionally I was unfulfilled in my work and stressed out. There wasn’t much joy in my life. All I knew was that this wasn’t working and I didn’t know where to even begin. Today I feel like someone who has a lot of hope. I have an understanding of my historical thought patterns and old beliefs. I can positively redirect myself with kindness and feel like I’m breathing with new breath and living with new purpose! Nancy is the real deal when it comes to partnering with someone in order to learn and dig deep for personal growth. I strongly recommend Nancy as a professional coach who cares. She helps her clients do deep work as they are willing to without pushing. She offers gentle and thoughtful encouragement paired with understanding and a splash of humor and fun!

    Joanna F.

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