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Live your life as you are meant to live

Live your life as you are meant to live

Yearning for greater balance in your life? Together we’ll find creative solutions to bring self-care into your daily routine–so you can lower your stress, increase your peace, and find deeper joy.

Yes you can!

I'll show you how...

I'll show you how...
Learn simple steps you can take every day to lower your stress and create a work-life balance that works for you. It’s free!

Learn simple steps you can take every day to lower your stress and create a work-life balance that works for you. It’s free!

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  • “I contacted Nancy after having surgery to repair a bulging disc. I initially worked with her for a more therapeutic approach to helping me recover physically. I felt more comfortable doing the exercise therapy I needed in a personal environment. I also needed help to lose weight and decided after we finished our physical training sessions to continue working with Nancy as my life and wellness coach in this area of my life. I have always struggled with my weight and wanted to finally learn how to make my needs for wellness a priority. Nancy got to know me and what my needs were and we formed a plan specifically for me.  She is kind and I could tell the moment we began working together she is passionate about helping people get where they want to be. She doesn’t push unless you want her to. She goes with what your personality works best with. I LOVE HER and plan to continue a healthier way of life.”

    Amy L.
  • “I have worked with Nancy Stevens in both overall life coaching as well as in regard to my health/wellness goals. Nancy was always a bright spot in our sessions. These sessions were always relaxed and friendly but she did not hesitate to ask the tough questions…questions that often left me thinking on them days after. They were not just thought provoking but also encouraged me to make some small and major changes in my life, my career and my overall outlook. Most importantly, I have found through our sessions what I desire to be my life story and how I can actively work toward achieving it. I am unable to think of anything that Nancy could have done better. It’s intimidating to work with someone like this…to share your hopes dreams, insecurities. However, I was instantly at ease with Nancy. She proved to be knowledgeable, caring, encouraging, and, best of all, proactive. During my work with her, I came to understand ways in which I was allowing myself to be a victim in my own life. She gave me the tools to take back authority over my life and my story. I wouldn’t hesitate to send anyone her way!”

    Wendy C.
  • “At the time I met Nancy I was struggling with my energy,weight and self confidence. I was the heaviest I’d been – an exhausted new mom who wanted more from life. Nancy coached me through a process of self discovery, by which I was able to determine the major roadblocks to the life I wanted. With her guidance and coaching support, we created an action plan that met my personal needs and helped me accomplish my personal goals. I now have  1-2 hours more per day of personal time. I’ve lost almost 25% of my bodyweight and I feel balanced with my life!”

    Anna E.

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