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It is my pleasure to work with you by offering these life empowering options:

90 Minute All About You 1:1 Coaching Session

This 90 minute 1:1 coaching session is the optimal choice in personal support when you have an area in your life that’s all consuming you’d like to address and resolve quickly in one session.

90 minutes of focused intentional time just for you .. between you and I, where you bring ONE very specific or pressing situation or challenge you are…

…struggling with

…would like support with

…would like to shift, understand, release or make a decision about

…would like to stop feeling conflicted, confused, agitated, worried or stressed about

And I bring…

…my complete focus

…my expertise and strategies

…my entire coaching tool kit .…

…a confidential and safe place where you can be open, honest and supported, judgement-free

We’ll use our 90 minutes together to…

…dive right in

…zeroing in on and

…targeting this situation or challenge with deep, candid and confidential discussion and exploration

To bring you…

…new and greater clarity

…awareness and


So you can come away from our time together with…

…new perspective


…positive resolve and

…a renewed peace of mind







…reassured and

…more at ease

To know…

what your next steps are

And feel…



…assured and

…supported in taking them

This 90 minute  1:1 private session of focused time gives you the support, insight and strategies you need when you are:

  • Stuck in a rut … caught in your own blindspot of how to begin to move forward.
  • Want clarity on what it is that’s keeping you in a holding pattern. So you can name this and from here have direction.
  • Dealing with a lot and need, guidance, comfort, reassurance and moral support

Your Investment: 90 Minute Private Session: $199


I’m here for you and together we’ve got this.You do not need to continue to struggle with this alone.

STEP 1. Schedule your 90 minute deep dive private coaching session here.

STEP 2. Confirm your appointment.

STEP 3. Make payment and look for email confirmation to follow with detailed session contact information.

STEP 4. On the scheduled day we’ll meet via phone or Zoom. I can’t wait for us to get started!

My 3 month personal coaching program is for you if you’re ready to finally and fully BE WHO you want, by uncovering WHAT you want, WHY you don’t have it and HOW you can get it!

Personal coaching is a beautiful choice YOU make FOR YOU. You do it because…

…YOU care about YOU – even if you haven’t in the past

…It’s the beginning of YOU looking after YOU

What if you could go from feeling you’ve settled to creating the life you’ve been longing for? What if you could take your life off hold and admit, uncover and rediscover what matters to you, what you crave and what makes you content, then claim it without any harm or foul to those you love?

Let’s work together to break the cycle of more struggling, going it alone and doing what you’ve always done, expecting things to change.


Do You Long to Live Authentically In All Areas Of Your Life?


…YOU matter

…YOUR needs, wants, dreams, desires and goals matter

…YOUR happiness, joy, fulfillment and well-being get to be the same priority you’ve always made everyone else’s

…YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE and you don’t hide it, apologize for it or minimize yourself in any way to protect the feelings, insecurities or egos of others

…YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WANT and you don’t feel guilty, selfish or the need to justify or explain it

…YOU finally achieve balance

My program is for you IF……

YOU FEEL unfulfilled, disconnected, dissatisfied, that it’s time to make a change, like you’ve lost yourself, that something in your life is missing…and maybe that something is you?

YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT you WANT, WHO your real self IS, WHAT TO DO to get what you really want

YOU STRUGGLE with feeling you don’t deserve what you want; FEAR that if you are your real self, you’ll be judged, criticized or rejected; have ALWAYS put everyone else’s happiness ahead of your own at a cost to yourself and self-care.

YOU’RE READY to ENJOY your life NOW rather than worrying it’s passing you by; EXPERIENCE the shift, change or turning point you’ve been craving and desiring; BE EXCITED about your life and your future; and finally GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION to BE WHO you want and GET WHAT you want!

During Our Coaching Time Together We…

UNCOVER and ADDRESS the bigger issues that hold you back, sabotage your dreams and joy, weaken or threaten your relationships, and undermine your confidence.

IDENTIFY and REMOVE your LIMITING THOUGHT PATTERNS that keep you stuck, settling and in a holding pattern.

RESOLVE the HIDDEN FEARS that leave you denying yourself the good things you desire, playing small or sabotaging your own joy, success and fulfillment.

DISCOVER your true dreams, goals, desires and accomplishments that support you in FULLY BEING WHO YOU WANT and GETTING WHAT you want.

DETERMINE HOW to get you what you want using specific strategies, practical action and intentional steps

So you can …

…Experience breakthroughs that matter and make a difference to YOU, YOUR LIFE and RELATIONSHIPS

…Acquire new authentic life and self-care skills that stop your future from being a repeat of your past

…Release old patterns

…Reclaim your dreams and desires

This program is 3 months because time, focus and commitment are necessary…..

For you to experience and learn new insights to create breakthroughs, initiate mind shifts, re-pattern beliefs, master new habits and create sustainable change and upgrades to your quality of life and relationships.

Truthfully…..Anything less than this time commitment makes it too easy to fall back into old habits and ways of thinking. This is a journey of growth and learning.

Your 3 Month 1:1 Private Coaching Program Includes:

  • Pre-session intake questionnaire
  • Six- 60-minute private one-to-one personal coaching phone/video sessions via phone or Zoom (2 sessions each month)
  • Between session email access to my private email to ask questions and get continued support
  • Personalized session notes and learning resources.

Investment for 3 Month Private Coaching Program:

$1999.  Or payable in 3 monthly payments.

The time has come for you to step up so you can learn and be your authentic self! When you take that step, your life is about to change in ways previously unimaginable!

Step 1. To get started, SCHEDULE YOUR 20 MINUTE PERSONAL CONSULT CALL HERE ( link to my scheduler here) and together we’ll talk about how my coaching program can benefit you. And if it can’t, I’ll tell you that too.

Step 2. Hit complete appointment to confirm!

Step 3. We’ll consult via phone or Zoom to get to know each other and see if we are a fit.

Step 4. If we are both in agreement that this works for you ,I’ll personally email/text you next steps for payment and receiving your coaching docs!