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From Overwhelmed to Abundant: creating a life of balance

You’re strong, capable and kicking ass at work and in life…. So why are you feeling burned out, overwhelmed and over scheduled all the time?

More and more you feel like you’re always playing catch up, and your packed days are getting out of control. Working through lunch and eating on the run have become the norm. You’re rushing from place to place, and with taking care of work and personal there’s no space for you to breathe until you finally plop down at 10:00 pm…. and get ready to do it all over again tomorrow.

Squeezing in another afternoon latte just isn’t cutting it. By the end of the week, your energy is flagging and your stress levels are starting to take a toll on your work and family life. You’re feeling out of touch, disconnected and even angry. In the midst of all your doing and achieving, it feels like you’ve forgotten about yourself and your own happiness. Calm and ease are no longer part of your life at this point.

You wish you could go back to the time when you had things together. You were eating right, getting to the gym, and actually taking time for yourself! There was more balance in your life, more space for you. But then life happened, as it always does, and your routine got derailed.

You know you need to rest and recharge, but you’re struggling with how to fit that back into your busy schedule. If only you had a clear plan of action for getting back on track

What if you could feel energized and excited about life instead of burned out, overwhelmed and overscheduled?

Imagine having a daily routine that feels balanced and nourishing. No more hectic mornings or frantic afternoons. You have a clear plan of action for creating a manageable work week with a pace you can handle with ease.

Your primary mode is proactive rather than reactive. You have space in your mornings to get centered and ready for the day. You have space in your mornings to get centered and ready for the day with meditation, yoga, prayer, or a walk outdoors, sitting quietly for a bit with your morning coffee or tea. Throughout the day you know you’ll have breaks to pause and regroup.

You’re finally eating healthy again! your body feels more energized and less sluggish. Brain fog is becoming a thing of the past. You’re getting back into your favorite exercise and your stress levels are receding.

There’s room in your schedule for the little things that help you relax and slow down. An afternoon hike, hot bath, a weekly massage, a mani-pedi, catching up on your favorite TV show.

You’re excited to re-engage in your friendships. With time to grab lunch or drinks and connect with friends on a regular basis, you’re able to give and receive some much-needed support.

You’re showing up and communicating better with your whole family. You have more patience with your kids and your experiencing better connection with your partner. After a full day, you now have the space to sit down, relax and unwind, before heading to bed at a decent hour.

Does this sound like the life you want to live? If you’re ready to make this vision a reality, I’m here to help you.
I coach busy working women who want a balanced life but struggle with making themselves a priority. Together we create a plan for work- life balance that’s easy and achievable so they can feel calm and in control again.

When you take care of yourself first, you increase your ability to thrive in every area of your life. Together we’ll figure out the tangible steps you can take right now to get you started creating a life that’s balanced, energized, and meets your needs. Because you shouldn’t have to choose between being the amazing business woman you are and retaining your personal sanity!

Are you ready to welcome greater abundance and self-care into your life?
Through our work together you’ll get:

  1. Get crystal clear on the top challenges that are holding you back from a balanced life (so you can create a plan of action for overcoming them!)
  2. Define what you personally need to feel balanced in your work, health, and life, so you have clear goals to guide you forward.
  3. Identify actionable steps you can take right now to move your life out of stress and overwhelm and into greater calm and abundance every day!

When you sign up for this offer you’ll receive:

Self Care Profile Questionnaire:

This personal assessment will help you delve deeper into the challenges and obstacles you currently face. You’ll identify exactly where you’re struggling and feeling stuck, then explore what your dreams are for how your life will ideally look. By getting clear on where you’re at and where you hope to go, we can craft a personal road map that will guide you to creating powerful change in your life! You’ll feel focused, empowered, and ready for our session together.

Self -Care Power Coaching Session:

In this 60-minute one-on-one session, we’ll identify and prioritize the immediate actions you can take to reduce stress and overwhelm and reclaim time in your schedule for yourself. You’ve known that something’s gotta give, but you weren’t sure what or how. With concrete answers on how to move forward, you’ll finally get relief from that awful “stuck” feeling, and instead feel clear-headed and back in charge of your life. With a step-by-step game plan, you’ll be ready to create immediate change!

Accountability & Support

After our session, you’ll have access to me for continued support via email and text for another two weeks. As you take your first steps towards de-stressing and refueling your life, I’ll be there for you with the guidance, feedback, and encouragement you need to keep on moving forward!

Abundance Follow-up Session

Two weeks after our first session you’ll have had time to start implementing your action steps and experience some real change in your life. We’ll schedule a 30-minute follow up to debrief and check in on the progress you’ve made. You’ll be able to share any new insights you’ve gained and we’ll identify any adjustments you can make to your action steps for even better results. After our time together you’ll leave feeling excited, encouraged, and reenergized to take on life

You’ve Got This!

You don’t have to settle for overworked and burned out. You can live a life that’s balanced, nourishing and fuels your passion.

Are you ready for a life of abundance?

Investment: $99

Let’s get started! Here are the steps:
“Self -Care Love Package”

1. Make your payment below:

2. Within 24 hours of making your payment, you’ll receive a welcoming email with access to your “Self-Care Profile Questionnaire”.

3. Upon completion of your “Self-Care Profile Questionnaire”, you’ll receive a personal call from me to schedule your first session and we’ll get started!

If you have any questions, please email me at: nancy@nancystevenscoaching.com

I so look forward to working with you!

Are you ready to welcome greater abundance and self-care into your life?

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Self -Care Love Package
$ 99
  • “Self-Care Profile Questionnaire”.
  • Self -Care Power Coaching Session:
  • Accountability & Support
  • Abundance Follow-up Session
  • Anytime Upgrade


Customised Program
$ 299
  • “Self-Care Profile Questionnaire”.
  • Self -Care Power Coaching Session:
  • Accountability & Support
  • Abundance Follow-up Session
  • 3 Month Extended Follow Up Sessions

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