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Have you woken in the morning with a pit in your stomach thinking, “how can I slog through another day?” Is this all this is?”

Hi, I’m Nancy.

And I’m here to tell you no, this isn’t all there is. You can have and deserve more.

I’m a certified professional coach and I work with busy working women, like you, who feel like they’ve somehow lost touch with themselves and worry that they’re missing out on life.

Together we dive deep into what’s holding you back and uncover your true self. The result is you show up in the world with intention and confidence as an authentically empowered woman.

My purpose and joy as a certified life coach is to help you make self-care and finding your unique identity top priority instead of an afterthought, a lifestyle rather than an idea.

Together, we partner and collaborate as I guide you to be honest, thoughtful and deliberate about your present life, your struggles, and your dreams so you can find and own this authentically and comfortably.

Yes, I was where you are now. Here is my story….

My journey back to me.

A few years ago I was an unwilling passenger in my life. My very identity was directed by what other people needed from me and the roles I held. Naturally, my own self-care was “hit or miss” at best and took place when I “felt” it was okay, after all else was done – which of course was a rare thing for this driven people pleasing achiever.

I was so busy with everyone else’s needs that I became my own lowest priority. I knew I needed a break, and I needed to recharge, but I struggled to find any time for myself and really didn’t know where to start.

It was a fairly stressful season; my four boys were ages 13, 11, 3, and 18 months, and I was basically doing life as a single mom. My husband is extremely driven and has a demanding career in the music industry (he’s had the honor of winning several Grammys over the years). Because of his work, he was rarely at home. Every part of running the household was on me, including helping out on the administrative side of my husband’s business while caring for our four boys. I was constantly running from activity to activity, just trying to check all the boxes.

I managed my family’s emotional needs, organized my husband’s business, put together fancy dinners and events and let me tell you, I took pride in my ability to handle all of those obligations and to do them well. I was the master juggler, the expert plate spinner, never letting anything or anyone down. I was awesome at my life!

But the stress was taking a toll on me.

From the outside, everything in my life looked great, but on the inside I was stuffing my emotions down as far as I could send them, numbing myself with food and alcohol just to cover up what I was feeling.

Then one day I made a decision that  initiated my journey of transformation.

A local gym had just opened in my neighborhood. Intrigued, I decided that I would go and try out a fitness class. At this point, exercise and my physical health were pretty low on the totem pole. I was unhealthy (physically and emotionally) and wanted greater wellness in my life, but finding the time to attend a class with all I had going on was a huge step for me.

I had no idea what to expect…and the first class I went to just happened to be yoga.

As the class started, what immediately stood out to me was just how kind the instructor’s words were. I was hearing that I was okay – that who I was and where I was, were actually okay! For the closing portion of the class, called savasana, we had permission to be completely still. To simply sit, breathe and be.

As I let my body relax on the mat, I felt tears slipping down my cheeks. For the first time in years, I was getting in touch with me…my identity (aside from wife, mom, household manager, administrative assistant) showed up just a little.

In those minutes of stillness and quiet, I was coming to terms with who I was…and maybe who I was missing.

This powerful experience of taking time for myself, and spending time with myself, brought the value of self-care back on my radar. It was a deeply emotional experience that went on to have a lasting impact.

My journey to finding my identity and creating authentic self-care for my needs was set in motion.

This deep shift led to more classes and eventually,yoga teacher training. This was a catalyst,opening the door of my becoming and owning self-care with authenticity.

The yoga door opened up new possibilities.

I found one of the things I loved most about taking and teaching yoga classes was helping and offering advice when asked by my students. This led me to pursue a new place to “practice” yoga by becoming certified and credentialed as a health and life coach.

Through the processes of these deep trainings I came to learn so many things on a deeper level which helped me to bring everything I had previously learned on my yoga mat – the knowledge, experience, and intuition – to my individual clients in a powerful way.

Since taking my first 200 hour yoga teacher training I’ve become credentialed as a master coach and personal development expert:

  • Wellcoaches School of Health Coaching
  • Impact Coaching Solutions – Executive and Leadership Coaching
  • Member: International Coaching Community (ICC)
  • Member: International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Narrative Coach – Executive Coaching
  • Jenny Shih – Make It Work Online – Business

Today, I’m just as busy as I ever was, but my life is now one of beautiful authentic balance. You can find taking my daily walk, hiking on weekends, practicing yoga, taking in daily meditation and enjoying a glass of wine while watching the sunset!

Caring for my physical and emotional health is an integral part of my life today and no longer an afterthought or wishful thinking.

You too can make yourself a priority while finding and owning your authentic beautiful self and enjoy a great work-life balance.

Trust me. You can do this.

If you’re ready for a big change and want to do this but feel stuck, I would love to connect with you right now! The fact that you are aware of these feelings tells me you are ready.

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