Please click on the Ever Better image above and listen to my podcast on Ever Better U.  During this 45-minute interview, I will speak to the people who feel numb and removed from their personal needs.  In my discussion with Lisa Vogt, we will touch on self-care tips I use to help my clients get their life back in balance. These include:

Creating a signature color or style. Ask yourself, “What says ‘this is me’?”
Craft a vision for your life.
Give yourself permission to do something good for you.
Ask yourself “What do I need that I’m not getting. What can I do to make a change?”
Stay hydrated.
Go to bed early.
Add your most important self-care activities to your calendar like a weekly pilates class, a monthly hair appointment, or a pedicure.

While most of this may seem obvious, please listen to the podcast for our discussion on what-should-be second nature but is often ignored in our lives.