woman with bun, hand on head, laptop, phone and notebooks

Move From Burnout to Balance

woman with bun, hand on head, laptop, phone and notebooks


Does burnout and overwhelm make you feel like a plastic bag tossed around by the wind only stopping when caught in a fence, bush, tree or limb?  

Does this bag blown in the wind scenario remind you of your life? I can tell you my life has been like that of the plastic bag carried up and around awkwardly landing in a place not where I wanted to be at all. I constantly felt as if I was chasing after my own life putting out fires and reacting last minute.

Burnout and balance are nice sounding emotional buzz words used to describe states of being internally and externally.

Good News! You can move forward it is totally possible to go from feeling overwhelmed, stressed and overextended due to life obligations that seem out of your control to walking in daily work-life flow even when things seem crazy. In order for any type of action forward movement to occur you need to:

Be completely and totally still in the midst of the craziness and spend time in thought and reflection.

Take an interpersonal survey of where you are right now – physical health, emotional health, relational health.  

Ask yourself a “magic wand” question. –  If I could have one thing right now with my personal life (where I am right now)…. What would this look like and feel like to me as if I were living this today? Start here and notice what comes up for you. Be curious on your behalf!

70% of Americans struggle to find a work-life system of balance that works for them according to the  American Sociological Review. For many working in and out of the home today.. the idea of having balance is a myth.

Technology has created an environment of the 24/7 always on and available. This, in turn, creates a mind never turning off and offers the sensation and feeling of burnout to enter your life as a good friend in the worst possible way.

It is completely possible for you to start with some small easy action steps right now that overnight can bring you some balance. Over time when done with intention your life will change from one of burnout/stress to doable calm and comfort on your terms. I’ve included just three easy thought actions to allow you movement from feeling burned out to feeling balanced!


Here are 3 steps to apply and explore now


Set up work and home boundaries.

This can be as easy as setting up start and end times to your workday to include morning and evening rituals. Finding and using an app to allow you access for start and stop times.   Start by recognizing who you truly are and what is important to you and what you value for your work and personal. Write these down on your phone or in a journal

Be deliberate.

Notice if you are letting life happen. Ask yourself if it is possible for you to make deliberate thought filled choices about what it is you want from life with your career, relationships, how you would like to spend your time.

Gather your tribe.

People who have achieved work-life balance have a strong support network they can depend upon to get them through their struggles and celebrate their wins. Interestingly they are curious, open and want to experience life to the fullest. Start if you are at ground zero to get curious and interested on your behalf with compassion. Ask yourself what is it that you need and who is in your tribe to help you thrive!


“Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important.”

Stephen R Covey