Goal Setting for 2020

10 Mindset Tips For Achieving 2020 Goals


So… perhaps you’re in the thinking stage of where you want to land in the upcoming New Year… or maybe you’ve set  a goal or two for your awesome self to do and become. 


 As you set out to achieve your goal something interesting happens internally… “a heart and mind” tug of war.  You may notice this as stress, fatigue, lack of motivation and self-doubt.


This is the “mind” stuff thrown your way courtesy of your thoughts, feelings and emotions wanting to protect you from unknown “danger” while keeping you in a holding pattern.  For most, there is a twisted sense of comfort being uncomfortable in a well-owned space.


 Negative mindset stuff can easily derail you if you’re unaware and take this as truth. Don’t do it!  

Adopt a thoughtful reframe approach to counter “the mindset stuff”.  Think of the negative mindset stuff as a bright light shining the way for you to run into the arms of the goal you’ve set.


Your goals whether small or large are completely doable, more often than not self-talk takes us away from what you are totally able to accomplish! Take time to get comfortable with your goals before taking action and set a realistic approach to moving forward with self-compassion. 


Here are 10 mindset tips for achieving 2020 goals:




1.Create and own a  “power” affirmation.

Personalize an inspiring word or phrase that you can use and read daily for empowerment and motivation.


2.Drill down to the why behind your goal (s).

  Keep asking why you want to do “x” until you arrive at your deeply felt connection.. Why do I want to achieve/do/be  x,y and z ?… until you’ve exhausted every why behind the why. This is the “heart” of what it is you want… your true reason! 


3.Take a great big goal and unchunk it.  

Task this down into smaller doable pieces. 

Big goal – (I’m going to drink plenty of water every day)… -into  task – something more specific/detailed.. “I will drink 3- 8 0z bottles of water daily”.


4. Write out your goal(S) on paper daily.

Doing this simple act at the same time daily proactively rewires what you want both consciously and subconsciously. 


5. Treat yourself with dignity and compassion.

Now is a great time to be as kind to yourself as you are to others especially while in the goal completion phase. This is not –  nor ever – a time to beat yourself up and knock yourself down,

 thinking a “drill sergeant stance” will propel you into hyper-focused  goal success. 


6. Be curious and interested in learning the process.

 Replace worn out limiting patterns and beliefs. Empowerment lives here! Kick your unnurturing beliefs and habits to the curb. Limiting beliefs do one thing… keep you in a holding pattern acting as an emotional stronghold.  Notice your self-talk and even enlist the help of close friends by asking them to point out any heard put-downs or excuses so you are very aware and have the ability to change your talk and remove excuses. 




7. Put yourself in the driver’s seat with your goal (s). 

You and your important goals matter. Don’t take the passenger seat hoping and waiting for something or someone to show up. You have the key to start your goal car!


8. Reward yourself often. 

Goal achievement will lose its power and motivation if you set this up as another job to do. Celebrate each weekly or quarter step win as well as the big goal achievement win. Rewards pave the way with fun and remind us to care for ourselves while in the process!  


9. Seek learning and developing as well as goal-getting.

Not only is achieving your goal important but what you learned and how you can apply this is equally important!


10.Visualize yourself post goal success.  

Start out as if your goal has been achieved! Doing so will make this both physically and emotionally felt. What will you do when you’ve achieved your goal? What will you look like and feel like? Who will also be impacted by your goal?




Which mindset tip (s)  moved you to check-in with your dreams and goals now and moving into 2020? Share!