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Easy Ways to Exercise Daily

Technology has indeed made our lives much easier but sadly, has brought our bodies to a less than optimal state of health and wellbeing.

We’ve all reached a sedentary lifestyle due to online ordering (with doorstep delivery), along with research and recreation via smartphones and PCs. So, what follows and fills up the void?

Lifestyle diseases such as:

  • High Blood Pressure.
  • High Cholesterol.
  • Pre and Type-2 Diabetes.
  • Cardiovascular Disease.
  • Metabolic Syndrome.

This has been researched, analyzed, and written up in major medical journals like “The Journal of the American Medical Association” (JAMA) suggesting a “fix” with very real benefits and results. Drumroll please, physical movement or exercise!

Physical movement and exercise no matter your age, gender, or ability is available to all! There are many exercise avenues to choose from such as an easy stroll to Crossfit to yoga to cardio dance. With exercise, there truly is something for everyone regardless of age, preference, and mobility level.

Proven Benefits of Exercise

  • Weight Loss/Maintenance.
  • Increased Energy.
  • Decreased Stress.
  • Lowered Anxiety and
  • Depression.
  • Sleep Improvement.
  • Stronger Muscles and
  • Bones.
  • Self-Confidence Booster

If you don’t take the reins of your health and wellbeing, then who will? Stating the obvious here, but no one can but you! Stop the trend of a sedentary lifestyle and bring in some exercise on your terms!

Start Here:

  • Take a curious and compassionate look at your “reasons” that have kept or are keeping you in a holding pattern.
  • Reframe those excuses from waiting and wanting, to taking active action.
  • Starting small is a good bet to find success and create a proactive behavior pattern.
  • Increase your awareness and motivation for adding exercise, and start moving more.

5 Ways to Include More Exercise in Your Life:

1. Cultivate an Attitude that Values Exercise

Do you view exercise as a “job’ that is too much work “requiring” changing clothes, driving to and from the gym, and additional time you don’t have? Keep it simple and start small so the “habit” of exercise becomes natural and part of your life. Reframe a different outlook on exercise, not as another job to accomplish but as a gift to you.

2. Take 10

Get moving for ten minutes. This could be walking, jogging, dancing, cycling, yoga, push-ups, or squat pop-ups. Set a timer on your smart device and make it happen!

3. Move During Your Favorite Show

While watching your favorite show alternate sitting with standing and add in stretching or even some squats and lunges. Do a round of five full inhalations and exhalation breathing to loosen up tight muscles and oxygenate your lungs, heart, and release stress.

4. Get Outdoors

Get moving outside at your workplace, in your neighborhood, local park, or nearby walking trail. Being outdoors boosts serotonin levels, lowers stress, and is a form of meditation giving our overactive brains a needed rest.

5. Stand Up

Standing burns more calories is a form of movement and increases healthy circulation. If your work involves lots of sitting, take time to stand up and stretch. Look into the possibility of a standup desk. At home, intentionally alternate standing with sitting.

Love yourself with intentional daily movement and exercise.

Be open to the life-affirming impact this will give you. By taking the lead you are leading others! Do have a favorite go-to exercise that did not get mentioned above? Please share it with us in the comments section below!