woman sitting on coach chatting with a friend

How to Find Your Purpose

Have you ever gone through a season of discontent with what you are doing in your career and life in general?  

What is a purpose and what is my purpose?  Is this question murky or vague at best? Without a sense of purpose, life is like that of a plastic bag drifting aimlessly in the wind.  Purpose, on the other hand, when known, is an anchor.

To me ..  learning how to find my purpose set me up and moved me from being a passenger in my life to a driver.

having a purpose-filled life is one that while flexible is strong and rooted at the center of who you and I are.

Whether you’ve have lost the way in the midst of getting everything done for family, career and daily life chores or know there is something else out there for you – your sense of being and purpose lie within you, it’s always been within.  It just needs your time and care to uncover this!

When I was asked this question a few years back  I was stumped as a deer in headlights. Nothing came to me.  I filled in the blank space with life labels—wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, professional fitness instructor, health, and wellness coach— to signify what I thought I  could identify as my purpose.  

To be truthful I had no idea. My labels sounded meaningful and purposeful but didn’t cut to the core of who I was in my own space. Not the space of my life at this time. Busy mom to 4 sons, online business owner, group fitness instructor. These were things I did and took satisfaction in doing and being. But when I spent time drilling down I came to realize these labels were not who I was nor did they point me to my purpose.

My identity crisis was in full swing now! This was a good thing as I was actually processing and seeking out my why and who. I realized as I began this process that I wanted to be immersed in the life I was given to live and share abundantly where I was planted.

Finding my purpose began with recognition of a feeling that something was missing and untapped.  I noticed and felt out of touch with who I was and wanted to know what this “out of touch” was, and why. I sat with this thought not knowing where to begin.

A friend gave me a self-help book and from here I began reading many personal development and self-help articles and books by the likes of Martha Beck, Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, and Dr. Wayne Dyer, and I began personally working with a life and wellness coach who pushed me on and through my “stuff” into who I am today!

What came through loud and clear as I dug more deeply into the mud and pain was this: I am a connector of people to themselves.

Yoga while deeply personal to me, led me to my purpose of owning that I am a natural connector, motivator, supporter, and collaborator of people to find and own who they are at their core so they can achieve what they’re meant to in their lives!  Eureka!

When you come to know and understand your purpose your feet stay grounded as natural growth occurs! 

If you’re  struggling to get started read and reflect on these questions now. Start with the one that stands out and stay here to ponder and listen what comes up!

Use these questions to get started now!

I recommend journaling with some of these questions.

What am I good at?

What excites me?

What difference do I want to make?

What are my strengths?

What do I feel are my gifts?

What makes me feel drained/fatigued/depleted?

What activities/tasks/jobs give me energy?

For some of you, this may be clear and these questions may be a catalyst for deeper growth. For others, these questions may cause you to come to a halt and want to walk away. Don’t!

The process of “how to find your purpose” is… a process! When you shift from not knowing to living this.. a whole new way of opening up and what you initially thought of as blah or ordinary is now who you truly are and what you are meant to do.