Improve Quality of Life Today

6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Quality of Life Fast

Are you satisfied with the overall quality of your life today?  I remember a time when I was unhappy with how I felt most of the time – frustrated and tired.

As a mom to four sons and small business owner It seemed the harder I worked the more behind I was. Fatigue set in by the middle of the day.  I still had a “second shift” when my older sons came home from school. From this point on we had sports practices, homework, dinner. This was ongoing. I was not in a good place during this time.


My life quality improved when I was introduced to some practical and emotional tools showing me a simple effective way to manage and get ahead.


Gradually I became more productive, was less stressed and tired! I no longer felt like a hamster on a wheel every day!


The changes I made were small and doable. A big one for me was learning why and how to create a simple morning routine. With this in place, mornings went from chaos to calm.


Here are 6 simple tips you can take to gain more time, ease daily stress and improve your quality of your life!

Become a student of cultivating gratitude. Practicing thankfulness and appreciation is a game changer and available to everyone.

Get outdoors in nature. Being outdoors in a natural setting whether urban or on a hiking trail puts you in touch with yourself and has a therapeutic benefit of stress release as you are enjoying your natural surroundings!

Hydrate. We are 70% water; we need to maintain hydration to feel healthier and balanced. Keep a personal water bottle with you at all times so you’ll remember to hydrate throughout your day. Staying well-hydrated fights fatigue and decreases hunger.

Eat more fresh fruits and veggies. A diet with fresh fruits and veggies eaten daily feeds your body with vitamins, minerals, fiber and more energy!

Move. Take 10,000 steps daily. Never has there been so much compelling evidence at our disposal that daily physical movement is good for brain health, can lower high blood pressure, cholesterol and decrease some cancers. yet we have become even more sedentary due to being overworked and allowing old life habits to take over.

Cultivate an AM or PM routine. You choose the elements that matter to you as you begin and end your day with a consistent self-care routine. When I cultivated an am routine a key element was waking and getting out of bed early in the morning so I could have time to care for myself before my school-age sons needed to wake up and start their before-school routine. When I took care of myself with my easy AM routine not only did my day go smoothly but our entire household went from morning chaos to calm!

I challenge you to choose a tip from this easy list and observe what results you gained and noticed by taking action! Leave me a comment.