Prioritizing Yourself with Intention

Learning anew to make yourself a priority is to me equal parts resolve and cultivation of a habit. 

I am resolving to be more lovingly intentional and attentive on my behalf so I can develop who I am as an “on par” priority with that of everything else I do for work/life. 

Here is one easy and compassionate way I am doing this….


When I go to bed I’m going to spend an intentional moment on how I want to wake up and begin the new day.


Then I’m going to wake up with joyful attention.


When I wake up just prior to getting out of bed. I’m going to take a mindful minute to think of what brings me joy. People, Places, Things. I will picture these and focus on something specific that makes me smile and feel calm versus starting the morning scattered and or worried and distracted.


All The Best,