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3 Simple Way to Introduce Self Care

Each of us has the right to live and thrive daily and with self-care and love we are unstoppable.


Emotional self-care is just as important as physical self-care for each of us to live a thriving versus just surviving life. I actually feel this is a bit more so than physical self-care. Why? Our minds have the power to make us think and or feel we are the best success and our worst failure whether or not this is true.


This emotional area of our lives directly impacts our physical well being.


Here is a basic example: 

Jane is in shape and runs daily to unwind and stay fit. Her body is healthy and appears physically fit and toned. Jane is interested in running a marathon but tried years earlier to train for one and dropped out. She has allowed her mind to tell her that she does not have what it takes to handle the more rigorous/consistent training to compete. 

“I’m just an average runner and have not learned the “art” and science of a true runner.” I don’t excel as a runner and don’t have what it takes although I enjoy running. Jane sadly convinced herself via her beliefs that she couldn’t become and train and rests on this as truth. 

Have you ever done this with something in your life that mattered to you? I know I have. I told myself a few months ago that learning and doing technology is too complex and that I need a different mindset and way of being in order to master learning and doing tech stuff. So… with this in mind I stagnated, allowing myself to simmer with frustration and then along come low-level tension and anxiety… friends of frustration. I intentionally distanced myself from even trying to learn what I didn’t know. 

Guess what? I received exactly what I asked for. Nothing. My lack of action on my behalf gained me absolutely nothing except more frustration! I was fed up watching everyone else in my business group succeed and excel because they were willing to try and in the process learned. I decided that enough was enough. Thankfully I began working with a coach on mindset stuff. Eg. emotional self-care. 

Now my path has changed. I have mastered tech items that frustrated me and can’t wait to take on more tech projects. I’m passing on what I took away for you to take on with your own internal stuff.


Why emotional self-care? In the big picture of your life, this matters big time. When your inner thoughts and feelings are centered and whole your physical body is and becomes whole. When you are off emotionally or not aligned or unbalanced your physical health reflects this internal turmoil. Emotional self-care and physical self-care go hand in hand to create a life that is one of thriving for all of us.


Try these 3 self-care tips for emotional care!:


Take Time To Slow Down And Calm Down:

Use self-compassion and empathy to soothe and guide your inner critique to take another path. One that uses reason and logic as a means to finding instead of the voices of the inner critic saying – you failed, you can’t, who are you kidding. Another word for this is self -soothing. Taking time to quietly calm yourself down from the mountain of discouragement, doubt, and neglect so you are better able to see what is really taking place right now.

Take Time To Think:

Deliberately sitting with calm and ease to process, reflect and meditate without judging will offer up new ways of thinking and being and becoming.

Take Time To Regroup and Renew:

From a calm and centered place in a setting that feels good to you allow your smart intuition to show up without using assuming or analyzing. In this space, the truth of what “is” will show up on your behalf.

The takeaway for you: You truly are your best teacher and guide. Take the time you give to everyone and everything else to own this for yourself! From a place of compassion and kind space show up with what you’ve learned. In this space, your body and mind will receive so you can thrive in your life!