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Ten Tips for Calm and Happiness

10 tips for creating more calm and happy every day!

“No matter who you are, no matter what you did, no matter where you’ve come from, you can always change, be a better version of yourself.” Madonna

Looking for life-affirming tools to be more calm and happy while becoming your best you?  You are in good company!

This is a common desire felt by most if not all of humanity.  Aspiring to do and be ”x,y, and z” is part of our makeup. This drives us and when denied or ignored can keep us in a sticky holding pattern. 

What lies at the center of wanting to be our best and have more calm and energy? Happiness, more confidence, and the ability to navigate comfortably in our daily lives! 

How do you begin to move forward into all that you desire for “being” your best version of you? 

Think of this as a positive thoughtful journey meant to shape you from the inside out. Body-mind-spirit! 

The process of becoming your best is not a “one and done” but a thoughtful compassionate place of self-paced growth. 

Here are ten easy calm and happiness boosters

Focus on intentional self-care. 

Be the CEO of you! Notice how you care for physical and emotional wellbeing. This includes eating foods high in nutrients such as fresh fruits and veggies, staying hydrated, and tending to your emotional needs for genuine connection and self-love. 

Invest in yourself. 

When you invest in your personal and professional growth you flourish. This may be pursuing a degree, a certification, or attending workshops or personal retreats. This could be hiring a life coach or working with a personal trainer or taking personal lessons.  Investing in yourself sends messages to your emotional center and your group that you, yes you, matter.

Learn new things.

Is there something you desire to learn, experience, or continue learning about? Moving forward from being curious into active action opens new opportunities and fosters fun.

Challenge yourself beyond your comfort zone.

Push back on feelings of resistance to doing and sharing. Life-affirming growth blossoms when you move forward past doubting yourself and being fearful into what you are meant to experience, learn, and share going forward. Fear is nothing more than your emotions requesting your attention. 

Don’t quit.

In trying times quitting amidst or before things have started to take off sends an imprint to our brains for “safety and security”  at all costs. The cost of quitting impacts our best self from seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Foster joy and laughter.

Smiling is contagious and laughter brings joy to the surface for both you and those in your circle.  Studies show that smiling improves your mood and lifts others as well. Find something daily that brings a smile to your face and laugh more. 

Exercise and move!

Exercising is a great way to be your best! It improves your mood, releases feel-good endorphins, reduces stress, and fosters greater focus and productivity. Try a ten-minute daily movement session like going for a walk to get started if you are time challenged and just beginning. Bring on the feel-good energy!

Do for yourself what you do for others.

Pouring your energy into everyone and everything as if you have an endless supply of untapped giving will sadly leave you depleted. When you feel physically and emotionally depleted your “best you” is buried. Replenish and maintain your energy by giving to yourself kind words, permission to rest, and reset. When you bring this concept to life within, your best self shines and thrives. This begins with you first!

Build patience.

Bringing out the best of you involves growing your “muscle” of learning to respond instead of reacting to your thoughts and other people’s words and actions.  This is a learned lifestyle attribute that will greatly expand and enhance your life as you tend to and cultivate the art of being patient. 

Practice gratitude.

Practice gratitude by taking time daily to notice and reflect on personal things you are thankful for. Gratitude naturally increases optimism, positive emotions, and makes you feel more alive to what is in the moment. This is the” life stuff” that fuels you to be your best you!

What came to mind as you read through these tips? What is something you do for you?