5 ways to boost energy

Five Simple Ways to Boost Your Energy

The single most common struggle I hear from my clients and from many women is feeling depleted and energy drained. They want to “have more energy” so they can enjoy themselves without feeling tired more often than not. 


Feeling energy drained is like swimming upstream. It’s exhausting! I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time to be exhausted and miss out on what matters to me in my life.  


With our increasingly busy lives, many of us regularly find ourselves feeling tired and drained.


Of all the reasons for feeling energy depleted – having a fast-paced “too busy life”  tops the list. This looks like career responsibilities, family caregiving, finances, relationships, life obligations. All the things that connect you to your life!


Good news! You do not need to settle thinking this is just the way it is for you in this season. This is not true.


I promise – as you lovingly learn to invest in yourself with care, your energy will grow. When you have healthier balanced energy, you create a better place not only for yourself but for others as well. Your energy energizes with impact!


Five tips to boost your energy!


Your body is around 60% water.  (According to the Journal of Biological Chemistry) 

Inadequate water intake: ( dehydration) causes health problems. Feeling tired/drained is one of the symptoms.  Start your day with a full glass of water. Keep a water bottle on your desk at work, in the car, and at home to remind yourself to drink up all day. Energy is found here!



Poor sleep leaves you feeling tired and energy zapped.  Sleep impacts all aspects of our lives. When sleep is good energy is “on” and when sleep is not so good your energy follows.  Sadly many of us all or some of the time do not sleep soundly nor getting enough sleep to reset and renew. 



Feeling energy drained from being too busy? Get up and stretch! Simple stretches like a forward fold or a side waist stretch loosen muscles which bring more blood and oxygen to the surface. Bring on fifteen minutes of movement. The easiest way is a walk. Put on some tunes and move lose yourself in music. Notice how you feel now? 


Eat Clean

Our bodies run optimally on whole foods. What does it mean to eat clean? Limiting take out and fast foods. Cutting back on prepackaged foods that are usually loaded with unhealthy fats, sugars, and sodium along with chemical preservatives. Clean foods are fruits and veggies, whole grains, nuts, locally raised meat, and sustainably caught fish and organic dairy and eggs.  Foods that are minimally processed are “clean.” When you eat clean foods more often than not your body glows with more energy and less bloating and feeling sluggish. Start small if you are getting started and include a veggie and fruit daily.  Eat out less. Have on hand healthy snacks and easy to fix items. Your body will thank you. Your energy level will uplevel!


Grab Joy

Nothing drains your energy than being in an emotional funk and focusing on everything that supposedly isn’t working in your life along with “world” problems. No need to ignore or deny what is in your midst. Instead, seek to find what you can learn from what is at hand. 

Find the rainbow through the rain! 

Joy even in the midst of a challenging time moves you through this season intact instead of emotionally distraught and drained.


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