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10 Tips to 10x Your Energy


“The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results.” Anthony Robbins

Are you tired of feeling energy drained more often than energized? Thankfully there are many things in your control that can help you increase and keep your energy levels optimal. Personally, I’m in my zone feeling energized when I’ve taken care of myself in a way that honors my life. 


Feeling tired is not the only telltale sign of being energy drained. This also reveals itself masked as frustration,overwhelm,burnout and anxiety to name a few. Mindfully noticing how you feel gives you the means to respond and course correct with intentional care. From this caring place, you get to enjoy doing life on your terms. Having ample energy opens the door for balance, confidence and greater life joy! 


Here are ten simple tips to help you 10x your energy.


1.Eat cleaner for energy. 

You are what you eat as the saying goes! Do your go-to foods include, fast food take out or heat and eat options? While some of these are fine, many are loaded with additives, sugar, unhealthy fat, and sodium which may give a quick boost but overtime leave you feeling drained and running low. Choose fruits and veggies,clean meats,nuts,organic dairy and eggs. Go for minimally processed foods free from artificial coloring and preservatives. Energy is found and gathered in these whole nutritious foods.

2.Reset in daily quiet time.

Finding daily quiet time for yourself is reenergizing. Research shows taking an intentional reset in seated stillness and silence is not only energy renewing but promotes emotional wellbeing while keeping your brain healthy. Find at least five quiet minutes in a space that’s free of distractions where you are invited into quiet being. Walking quietly on nature counts as quiet!

3.De-stress with breathwork.

Similar to meditation and silence, using your breath intentionally by breathing fully increases your oxygen capacity and blood flow. Breathing with intention gives you an instant boost while placing you mindfully in the present. To start, simply inhale and exhale from your abdomen with an equal length flow.Take three full head to toe deep breaths. Pause for a moment when done. This is pure energy for your body mind and spirit!

4.Practice gratitude.

Focusing on all the things in your life that you are thankful and grateful to have creates positive energy within. Find a quiet moment to reflect on the good in your life and express this outward as positive energy in plentiful gratitude! 

5.Go outdoors.

Being outdoors daily even a small amount of time nurtures your spirit while connecting you to mother earth. Good places to start: your neighborhood, a local park or workplace “greenspace” as these provide ease of use if available to you where you live.

6.Connect with your tribe.

Connecting to your family and friends can be an instant energy boost! Think of how you feel when you’ve gone out on a date with your partner or have gathered with good friends or from talking on the phone or video chat? We are meant to connect with others.

7.Get moving. 

Movement creates energy! Being inactive/sedentary draws your energy away. If you sit for long periods in work or rest mode, get up and walk around your home or office,do a quick movement burst such as jumping jacks or active stretching. A two minute round of movement resets your neurotransmitters and brings in an endorphin kick. 

8. Hydrate.

Most of us know drinking water is good for us. Many of us do not drink enough water throughout the day which depletes our energy reserves. Feeling drained and hungry are signs of being dehydrated. Carry a water bottle in the car,at home and at work as a reminder to stay hydrated!

9. Sleep. 

Sleep is energizing fuel! Sleep directly contributes having more focus and better emotional regulation.Energy is the first to go when your sleep is less than optimal.Try these simple tips for better sleep hygiene: backing off from electronics prior to lights out, limiting evening alcohol and caffeine, ensuring your bedroom is a comfortable sleeping temperature as well. 

10. Delegate.

Taking to task “getting it all done” for everyone day in and day out will unfortunately deplete your physical and emotional energy to the core. The antidote? Take the nonessential items from your list and ask for help. When you ask for help you connect with and include others and this extends positive caring energy. A win for everyone!


May you flourish yourself ten x with these energy tips. Share what you do for yourself and which of these tips resonate with you.


All the best energy to you!