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6 Benefits of a Simple Compliment

6 Benefits of Giving and Receiving Compliments


“I can live for two months on a good compliment” 

Mark Twain


Take a moment to do this “thought” exercise on giving and receiving a compliment.


Recall the last time you gave a personal non-surfacy genuine compliment? How did it feel to give a deeper more personal compliment and how did the other person respond?


How about the last time you received a personal compliment, again…a non surfacey compliment?  How did you respond?


Giving and receiving more personal compliments is actually a skill that is learned by practicing. 


While it may not feel comfortable and natural to both give and receive compliments the act of doing  becomes easier each time you are the giver or the receiver. 


No distinct set of skills is required other than your intention to gain and grow in this area of personal development along with attention in learning how to give more personalized compliment and how to receive one. 


Here are 6 benefits to giving and receiving compliments

1. Gratitude Growth


Making a point of bringing more appreciation and gratitude into the world by giving compliments can help foster and create positive relationships and stronger feelings of social connection.

2. Mindfulness Cultivation

When giving and receiving a deeper compliment mindfulness is in the air. By being gracious to the compliment giver we honor them and in so doing honor our own ability to lovingly receive what was shared.  Being present to the desire to speak up and share along with graciously receiving is mindfulness in motion!

3. Self-Confidence Development


When a genuine compliment is offered it takes confidence and empathy to step up and speak up!

The more you learn to give a deeper compliment the more you grow and develop your confidence muscle along with communications skills. 


Receiving a compliment with ease and comfort demonstrates the character attribute of  self-confidence and self value. This is not to be confused with arrogance/ego or selfishness. Taking a heartfelt compliment with grace promotes a more positive way of life.

The easiest way to grow and develop confidence is to give and receive kind and empowering words. 

4. Personal Clarity


When receiving an unexpected compliment we have the ability to see ourselves more clearly through the lens of another’s perspective away from our self imposed blind spots.

5. Graciousness


Taking a sincere compliment is a form a extending graciousness along with gratitude.

6. Emotional Wellbeing

 An honest and sincere compliment validates who we are and the  emotional effort we have taken to share positivity with another. Likewise taking a moment in time to just relax and appreciate a compliment opens up feel good hormones and sets a tone for healthier emotions! 


All of us have a strong need to belong to be recognized and appreciated.  Giving and receiving truly helps meet those needs and enhances all of our relationships.


Last but not least – Karma – what comes around goes around. As we learn how to sincerely and deeply compliment and receive goodness goes out from our small selves into serving the broad and greater good of humanity, 


Give compliments generously and receive them graciously!


What is one takeaway you learned? Share:)