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8 Simple Ways to Have Better Days

“Celebrate the Sacred in the ordinary.”
Sarah Ban Breathnach


 Are you tired of living in less than mode? What if you could have a great day more often or all the time instead of an occasional great day defined by nothing going “wrong” or everything working out for you on your terms.


What is the secret?  That secret is you. Your very own intention and attention of cultivating a great day no matter the season at hand and following through is the “secret.” 


 Quite simply. We were made to connect lovingly with ourselves and with others. We were made to enjoy and be present in all of our “days.”


If “a great day” is emphasized solely by what occurred externally to us, we miss out on the vastness of our internal resources. If this key area remains hidden from us not only do we live with less but we give with less. 


 Even when faced by life’s struggles or challenges a great day is created by our positive thoughts, actions, and interactions. Constantly focusing on what isn’t working or with little to no thought on how to live abundantly, your day can easily attract negative energy from others or circumstances which simply do not support feeling great let alone having a great day.



The difference between a great day and a lackluster day lies in your conscious involvement with how this is going to be for you. This is you personally cultivating loving space within which opens itself to receive abundance. 


Simple ways you can have a great day!


Cultivate daily gratitude. Take a moment each day tending to what you truly appreciate in your life. This simple yet powerful action opens up a part in your brain stimulating “feel good’ feelings!


Seek daily positivity.

Positivity follows closely on the heels of practicing gratitude whose wellspring sits on being positive! Cultivate and grow your positivity meter!  Make a choice with intention to see and seek the positive from all situations. This becomes a beautiful life habit that opens up abundance and places positive energy out into the universe benefiting everyone else!

Intentionally care for your body and mind.

Be good to your body! Eat health-promoting foods like veggies and fruits, exercise and move more, make sleep a priority, stay well hydrated all day. Seek to respond and learn from life triggers instead of reacting to them. 


Focus on what is at hand today.

How you handle your daily roles and obligations with your career and home in the day at hand sets the tone for what is to come for the following day and the rest of the week. Handling each day’s items with intentional care moves you with ease into your great day.


Have a daily gameplan.

Knowing ahead of time what needs to get done brings structure, pace, and balance.  A simple calendar listing out what needs your time and attention is all you need. 


Practice kindness towards self and others.

Be kind to yourself physically (eating healthy foods, staying hydrated, exercising) and in how you talk to yourself in thought and word. Extending kindness to others and the world is easier and genuine when you place kindness towards yourself on par with everything else.


Cultivate daily mindfulness.

Be open and present to all that is going on around you and within you at the moment! Little things like noticing a sunrise or sunset, daily weather, a shared conversation, your commute, a shared meal with your loving circle, etc.. whatever this is to you –  be there in its midst. This is yours to appreciate, nurture, learn from and give to.


Discern what’s truly important today.

We all have many life areas asking for our time and attention on a given day. Some are at the heart of our day while others on the outer part. Take a moment each day to personally discern what is of high importance and why. Make a list of what needs to be completed now and what can wait if possible.  Focus on these things with greater energy.


Each day is yours! Have a great and loving day! What on the list spoke to you? Share other tips too!