Did you know that walking every day can increase your happiness? Find out my tips for getting out to walk more often for improved emotional and physical health.

Walking to Happiness: The Benefits of Walking

How a simple walk fosters your personal happiness!

“Walking fosters the fabric of a happier you! What you do for you fosters happiness in others.”

Today I extend and accept the daily invite to myself from myself for a “happy”  walk every day. Walking to me has become a “habit” my body and soul crave as part of the everyday fabric of life. No different from other living things I do for myself like maintaining good hydration and getting my body off to bed at a decent hour etc!

My “walk” habit emerged fourteen years ago when we welcomed a pet pup named Dixie. Dixie had lots of energy and needed a walk every day to keep her sane and to “take care of her business”! I initially went unwillingly. This to me was “one more thing” I had to do as part of my role as house manager.

As the routine of daily dog walks set in my body/brain began to expect and “crave” this time and activity as part of my day!  I noticed I felt better and happier when I got outside for our fifteen-minute daily walk. This was all the time I had “back in the day” as a mom to four boys from age two up to twelve.

Walking contributed to my sense of well being and allowed me a chance to get to know who I was aside from all of my roles and daily responsibilities. It became my time to simply be me. Therapy, stress release, and increased happiness not to mention more energy resulted from my initial intention to “take the dog” for a walk. 

Sadly Dixie passed away. Her “gift” of walking into happiness is the living legacy she left for me.

Today, walking our new dog “Doug” while important is secondary to the gift of daily self-care and the harvest of having a resilient “happier” mindset in all aspects of daily life!

I can’t put it any better than to say I feel alive and happier when I get out and walk whether this is a quick fifteen-minute walk or a much longer hike as time allows in my schedule.

Here are some tips to help you get your “happy” walk habit going!

  • Find time daily where you can take a ten minute or longer walk. This could be early morning, midday, or evening. Having a regular time to walk will help you keep this in your daily schedule. This is what I do and it works!

  • Take some deep breaths while walking. This clears away old energy making room for positive “happy” energy.  Walking increases your physical energy and health.

  • Be mindful of mother nature’s gifts. Notice any birds, animals, trees, flowers the light offered during the time you are outdoors. Notice any positive change in your mood and happiness meter.

  • Walking is one of the easiest ways to bring in daily exercise and delivers multiple health benefits. 

  • Let go of the need to “do more.” Your walk is a gift of you being kind to yourself and all this offers you. 

  • If you enjoy music. Plug into uplifting music while you walk as a way to grow your happiness.

  • Walk with a buddy, if this appeals to you. This can be a great way to connect and share with others.

Get out there and embrace your body-mind and spirit with a life-affirming walk!