I've been right where you are now. Exhausted and ready for a change.

Have you woken in the morning with a pit in your stomach thinking, “how can I slog through another day?” Is this all this is?” 

Hi, I’m Nancy. 

And I’m here to tell you no, this isn’t all there is. You can have and deserve more

I’m a certified professional coach and I work with busy working women, like you, who feel like they’ve somehow lost touch with themselves and worry that they’re missing out on life.

Let’s face it…When you’re ready, you are ready

Any changes that are going to happen all begins with you, what you want and the steps you are ready to make.

Changes only come with persistence and commitment. What we do every day of our lives becomes a habit, part of ourselves. The more we practice these behaviors, the more natural it becomes.

With this in mind, I listened to my clients and found a recurring theme.  

They’re all on the hamster wheel.  Chasing down every single task with every ounce of energy they have until it’s time to collapse into their beds for the night, only to rise and do it all over again the next.


But what if there is an easier way?  What if I told you that you don’t have to feel those hurried, disorganized feelings every day?  

What if I told you that I created my latest course with you in mind?  Because that’s just what I did.


Letting Go: A 6 Week Guide to Release, Reset & Renew was developed for busy, working women who are caught up in the chaos of their day to day.

6 Week Course to Renewal for Busy Working Women

What’s included:

  • 6 Workbooks
  • 6 Audio Files
  • 12 Checkin Emails
  • Private Facebook Group during the 6-Week Course with a weekly group check-in
  • Practical, real-life advice that you can begin to apply, starting right now.
  • Goal Setting Exercises to help you set small, attainable milestones and track your progress along the way
  • A Daily routine planner for you to map your entire day to be not only the most productive, but also come from a place of rest



But how much does it cost?

One Time Payment of $47

That’s it.  

One payment of $47 gets you everything listed above which includes weekly group coaching from me within our private Facebook Group as you go through each module.

What do students have to say about Letting Go?

Beat procrastination and take action

Be more focused and productive

Get better sleep each night

Get rid of fear and anxiety

Get momentum each day

Start pursuing your dreams again

Space is limited so grab your spot today with a one time payment of $47.

And just so you know….this will be the only time that Letting Go will be offered at this price.

Got questions? I’ve got answers. Send me an email at nancy@nancystevenscoaching.com