Noticing - A way to prioritize your day

Noticing: A Way to Prioritize the Day

How Can Noticing Help Me

“Noticing..really!” How can “noticing” be of value to me as a way of me becoming a priority? This is what I asked myself a while ago. What’s in it for me I thought. I don’t see the value and don’t have time for this!  My mindset at the time was in doing and more doing as a means of being a priority ( for everyone else… work, family, life) Guess what the payoff was? A deep sense of frustration and that what I had hopes for would happen…someday if everything magically opened up for me. I spent alone time waiting and cursing all that wasn’t while life went on all around me.


Gradually the concept and application of noticing found me as I did something else. Listened inwardly. Whoa!

It was after many sessions as a yoga class taker on the mat in a class that I became familiar with the thought concept of “noticing.” I was kindly asked ( we all were!) to notice at the start of class how I felt physically then moving on to emotionally/mentally. At class end we were given a kind directive… “take what you learned on the mat today ( aka – notice) and apply this to your day/evening/week.


This gradual but constant question of noticing as a yoga student in class on my mat followed me off the mat in my day to day activities. This slowly became a habit and then a way of navigating my life as a priority.  By taking the time to learn how to be present with what and where I was in each day I was making myself – thoughts, feelings, physical and emotional a priority and renewing and reclaiming in an all new way me! I want this for you too.



How Do I Implement Noticing in My Everyday Life

Notice something new. 


Take 30 seconds per day or more to notice something novel. It could be the color of a car, the sky, or the sounds outside your window.


The idea of noticing is to be attentive to the present moment with a playful attitude of discovery. By being intentional you’ll gradually open up to not only external but internal and this is how you become and perhaps become more of a priority for your best life. I would love to hear from you. Please comment here or email me directly:


Blessings – Nancy!